Festival rules for

All persons present inside area are obliged to respect the Operating rules of the complex during the festival (available for viewing online, at the entry gate and at the Infostanek during the festival).

All laws normally applied in the Czech Republic are in effect throughout the festival.

Conditions of entry

  • The event is open only to persons over 18 years of age without any exception.
  • Minors will not be let after verification of age at the main gate and are not permitted to enter the premises in any way during the festival.
  • Dogs and other animals are not allowed inside the area during the festival without any exception.

Duration of the event

  • Visitors are obliged to respect the opening hours of the main, control gate, which will be available on Thursday 7 July 2022 from 12.00 until the end of the festival. Any early arrival must be reported to the organizer and an exception arranged through the organizing team. This arrangement applies in particular to the organizer’s cars, crew and supplies.
  • The festival ends on Sunday 10 July at 16.00, after this time all visitors without prior arrangement with the organizer are obliged to leave the area.

Violation of the rules

  • Visitor who will not respect the rules of the event may be expelled from the area and his/her wristband could be cut off.
  • In the case of a big violation of the rules, a permanent ban from the premises is possible. In the case of violation of the laws of the Czech Republic, the offender will be reported and handed over to the Czech Police.
  • Every visitor is subject to reporting obligation. If you have observed a violation of the rules impending danger, please report it to the nearest organizer or to Infostanek staff.

Property damage

  • Festival visitors are advised not to bring items of higher value into the area or leave them in their vehicles. The organizer recommends that no items of value are left in vehicles, luggage, tents or dwellings.
  • Always carry cameras, phones, wallets and other valuables in securely closed hand luggage.
  • Organizer of the festival has no responsibility for lost or damaged personal property of visitors.
  • Visitors of the festival are obliged to always behave in such a way that their actions do not endanger the property of others, as well as the equipment, scenery and decorations placed inside the area.
  • If you have observed damage to your property by another visitor, we recommend, for example, that you record on your mobile phone in audio/video form a mutual agreement on financial or other compensation for the damage and write down the contact details of everyone involved. If the victim and offender cannot reach an agreement, we recommend contacting our Security and Anti-Conflict Team via the nearest designated organizer or Infostanek.

Parking of civilian cars

  • Due to the limited capacity for civilian cars, the organizer does not guarantee certain parking spaces. For logistical and organizational reasons, we recommend carsharing (information on Facebook) or using public transport.
  • Owners of civilian cars are obliged to respect the instructions of the parking service (marked with a crew tag and reflective vest) and place their cars according to their instruction. Each car must be equipped with granted and visibly displayed parking placard. It is forbidden to park without the knowledge of the parking service and in places not designated for this purpose.
  • Car owners agree to conserve as much parking space as possible and to always be mindful of the space on the road designated for the passage of fire trucks, tankers, etc.
  • The organizer is not liable for damage to the vehicle caused by careless parking.
  • In the case of blocking the passage, the organizer reserves the right to tow the vehicle.
  • It is forbidden to pitch tents or any camping sites next to or near cars.

Parking and operation of festival cars

  • Parking of festival cars at the pre-arranged place is available to applicants after filling registration form.
  • It is forbidden to park festival cars in a place reserved for civilian vehicles or in other than pre-reserved areas on the premises.
  • By filling form and confirming the registration by the organizer, the owner of the festival car undertakes to comply with the safety and organizational instructions given by the organizer.
  • Vehicle traffic inside the area is controlled by a designated Road Patrol. The owner of the vehicle and persons authorized to handle the festival vehicle undertake to respect and comply with the instructions of the Road Patrol and the organizer. Failure to comply with these instructions will qualify as a serious violation of the safety rules of movement around the premises.
  • It is forbidden to drive festival vehicles inside the area during night hours, except for the festival program authorized by the organizer.
  • Any damage caused by a festival vehicle is the responsibility of the owner or a person authorized to handle the vehicle by the owner.
  • It is expressly forbidden to drive any motor vehicle with any level of alcohol in the blood or under the influence of addictive substances.

Health injury

  • Visitors are required to consider the specific safety risks of the area and the event itself, and to be always vigilant of uneven terrain, vehicle movement around the area and planned game activities that encroaches on the area. Visitors who are not participating in game activities should approach them with respect, distance, temperance and alertness.
  • Visitors are obliged to behave in such a way that their actions do not endanger the safety or health of third parties.

Thoughtfulness and tolerance

  • We ask visitors to help others during the festival, report injuries, collapses and complications of other participants.
  • We also ask for consideration of the Protected landscape area inside and around the area, as well as respect for the tranquility of the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. Do not linger in them unless unnecessary, most services can be provided by the festival facilities and our volunteers. Good and respectful relationship with the surroundings will help future plans in the area.
  • We also ask festival attendees to avoid any aggressive or coercive expression. Cybertown is an apolitical event and the promotion of any extremist or human rights suppressing ideologies is not welcome here, nor is the promotion of real political parties and candidates. Exceptions are unrealistic, gaming, larp ideologies and groups. Any form of sexual harassment and coercion is also considered a big violation of the rules. Anyone convicted of any form of harassment will be banned from the event.

Hygienic conditions

  • Visitors acknowledge that hygienic conditions may differ from standard summer festivals, campsites and accommodation and other facilities. Attendance at the festival is not recommended for those whose medical condition requires a hygienic environment (e.g., post-surgical convalescence).
  • Visitors will find drinking water in marked cisterns located around the area and marked on the map. Please respect the organizer’s request not to waste drinking water.
  • Running non-drinkable water from a well is also available in the festival grounds and is marked with a sign saying ” Užitková voda “. The organizer is not liable for any health consequences in case of violation of the ban of consumption of non-drinkable water.
  • Mobile toilets are placed around the area in numbers corresponding to the number of visitors of the event throughout the venue. Their location can be found on the map. Please report any malfunctions and shortages to the Inforstanek. All visitors are advised to pack antibacterial gel in their hand luggage.
  • The showers in the area are operated only by volunteers to provide more comfort to other visitors, their operation is not guaranteed and cannot be claimed by the participants.
  • Always dispose of used hygiene products in the bins, their disposal in the nature is expressly forbidden.
  • Despite every effort to maintain hygiene, consumption of food and drink purchased from stalls or camps throughout the area is at your own health risk. In case of nausea or any health problems, please contact our medical staff.

Fire protection

  • The festival takes place in a summer period of increased drought and in an environment where continuous increased fire caution is always required.
  • Visitors are required to act in a manner that will prevent start or spread of fire. Visitors must respect the prohibition of setting up unauthorized fires, unauthorized handling of fire, lighting and firing of any unauthorized pyrotechnics by the organizers inside and around the area. Approval is given in advance and only through the official email contacts listed on this website.
  • In the case of fire is detected or suspected, please inform the nearest organizer or Infostanek immediately.
  • Please respect the no smoking policy in places marked with signs. Do not dispose of cigarette butts on the ground, but in the bins and ashtrays placed for this purpose around the area.


  • It is forbidden to dispose of garbage anywhere other than in the bins provided. Bins for sorted waste and compost are available inside the area. If you are not sure where to dispose of your waste, ask at the Infostanek.
  • Visitor sites must be left free of any trace of garbage after the event, all waste must be taken to the bins.
  • Disposal of bigger waste consult with the event organizers or at the Infostanek.

Respecting the organizer’s instructions

  • All visitors undertake to respect the organizer’s instructions, which will be transmitted word (a personal appeal to obey the rules), printed signs (e.g., no entry or no smoking signs) and by an audible appeal via radio broadcast around the area (typically a proclamation to owner of badly parked car). Repeated disobedience of the organizer’s instructions will result in the visitor’s identification wristband being cut and exclusion from the event.
  • Visitors who are unsure of the organizer’s instructions can be informed at the Infostanek or the nearest marked organizer.

Organizer’s markings

  • Festival organizers are marked with a Cybertown Crew badge while on duty. Organizing Crew cars with exceptional access privileges will also be tagged.
  • In a crisis situation (evacuation of the area, fire, major accident), organizers will be equipped with reflective vests beyond the normal markings.
  • The festival’s safety and anti-conflict team will be marked with reflective armbands with the Crew inscription on the arm while on duty. Wearing of reflective vests among visitors is prohibited, they will be used exclusively for marking organizers in crisis situations.

Marking of visitors

  • Visitors are required to always visibly wear an identification armband during the event. Passing the armband to another person is prohibited.  
  • If you have accidentally damaged your armband to the point that it does not hold on your arm, please notify the admissions officer at the main gate immediately and have your armband replaced.
  • Visitors who are unable and unwilling to show their armband when asked by the organizer will be escorted from the event area immediately.

Visitor costumes

  • The festival asks all visitors to respect the appropriate dress code. Please note that nudity is not considered a costume and exposure of the genitals is prohibited. This rule applies outside the official program line and festival zones with clearly announced and marked permitted nudity.

Inspection of luggage and cars

  • In case of suspicion of a serious violation of the rules by a visitor, the organizer reserves the right to search the visitor, his luggage, the tent and the car.
  • If a visitor refuses to submit to a security search, visitor may be excluded from the event.

Prohibited and inappropriate items

  • It is forbidden to bring real firearms, ammunition, pyrotechnics, explosives, health hazardous objects and substances, chemicals not approved in advance, objects emitting and shooting flames. Use of gas cookers anywhere other than on a concrete surface is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to combine the consumption of alcohol and carrying of sharp objects, knives, larp weapons, dangerous costume accessories, and other items that could cause harm to other participants.
  • Larp weapons and accessories are allowed for the duration of participation in larp games. Exceptions include displaying weapons during a photo shoot or costume parade. However, bringing them into clubs and confined spaces or group gatherings where they could injure those standing around is prohibited, especially bringing larp weapons into dancing crowds during concerts.
  • Visitors are prohibited from bringing or using drones on the premises outside of the official program line coordinated by the event organizer. If a visitor wishes to do so, it is necessary to make prior arrangements with the organizer via the email listed on the website and to comply with the regulations and laws for flying drones in Czech Republic.
  • Visitors are forbidden to bring active radios into the site and its surroundings, which could cause a major disruption to the communication of our integrated rescue system and important organizational channels of the festival.
  • It is forbidden to bring your own power generators to the event without prior consultation with the organizers via the email address on the website. Soundsystem and loud speakers can unnecessarily disturb surrounding villages, so it is recommended to avoid bringing and using them altogether.


  • Any narcotic and psychotropic substances are not allowed or tolerated at the event according to the valid laws of the Czech Republic.
  • The organizer is not responsible for any health damage caused by the consumption of drugs. In case of nausea caused by drugs, seek help from Psycare or the festival medical team.
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