Festival program

Every afternoon our new main stage JUNKYARD will rumble up the whole Cybertown! This outdoor stage will play rock’n’roll, punk and metal until the late evening hours. Junkyard will be closed every night by a spectacular dance light / fire show in cyber and postapo style. Every night you can also go to the underground bunker for electronic music, where the DOCK stage will offer tireless beats of syntvawe projects and DJ’s. You can find a little bit of chill right in the center of our town in LOUNGE. With the sound of ambient tones, you will be able to take break from the summer heat, have a drink or dance it out on the stage during the evening.

And what do you do all day long when you’ve had not enough during the evening? Try all the attractions of Cybertown! During the day we will offer several places where you can try all those exotic and bizarre activities. From the classic shooting range to technological games, toys and gadgets. If you’re looking for something for your head rather than your eyes, head to any of our lectures or workshop. Or go to the cinema to chill with drink and watch stylish movies selected specially for our festival.

Do you want something more than just a party? Maybe we could offer something – Cybertown is quite a lively city and inside busy city like this there are… problems. For the first time, you can play a simple detective story behind the background of a futuristic town Cybertown. Looks like we also have some quarreling Clans going after each others neck. It will be probably needed to look at it – and also earn some more credits. Why credits? Well, so you can spend them for the amazing fun in town …

And yet we did not mention the rumble that the visitors will bring to the city! The Clans that reside around Cybertown will offer a completely unique experience for the guests of their camps. Post-apo and cyber carts will be driven around the circuit and several competitions will be prepared, where each and every skill will be useful. Show yourself while eating chili or looking for the best costume gadget? Be our guest! And if you’d rather watch than spit fire up and down, circus numbers, sexy dancers, UV bodypainting, tribal drums and fireshows are waiting for you. And sometimes – all at once.

Want to know more? Keep on reading and go through the festival program in individual sections.

Music line-up


  • Acid Row
  • Beautifuls
  • Cataclysm Orchestra
  • Gangnails
  • Hnus
  • Just War
  • Malignant Tumor
  • Sekeromlat
  • Tin Turtles


  • Baklizord
  • Bolehlav
  • DJ Limo
  • DJ Lookshot
  • Experimental Cabaret
  • Finn Orbital
  • Insanidroid
  • Magnetic Void
  • Namax
  • Nedori Satori
  • Nika 77
  • Otus Hobst
  • Robick DnB MashUp set
  • Sqare Live Set
  • Smeti live set
  • Spirit Animals


  • Pablo Bejrut
  • … a live chillout produkce po celou dobu!

Accompanying program

  • Mud matches
  • Bimbarium final fight
  • Jugger Tournament – A good old post-apo classic. Guys who pound themself into the ground with sticks and chains. A sport you don’t understand but will definitely enjoy to watch!
  • Cabaret evenings (Dirty dance and burlesque show, throwing knives by Nightmare show, Tribal horror dance)
  • Night spectacular car ride (Parade of the most pampered cars from the Wasteland and the City)
  • Tin Sponge (The hottest competition in eating chili peppers and ambush commando)
  • Pole dance (Classical, Exotic, Floor Flow – YUZU)
  • Juggling equipment rental
  • SisterHoops (Show presented by Czech-Canadian multiple world champions, from which you will definitely feel dizzy and will increase the blood pressure)
  • Smorbrod (Slam poetry shamanic band)
  • Competition for the best cyber gadget
  • Competition for the best costume
  • Space Invaders Tournament (Legendary arcade game tournament)
  • Tribo fuego fireshow
  • Mr. V – Fire Performer
  • Veles Stunts


  • Animatrix
  • Blade Runner 1982 (final cut)
  • Blood Machines
  • Demolition Man
  • Upgrade
  • … and cyber & post-apo shorts!


  • Honza C. Čopák – Everything you wanted to know about Bitcoin but were afraid to ask
  • Jiří Dobrý – Latest technological advances and innovations in science
  • Jindřich Karásek – Hack your hacker: Cyber warfare now and here
  • Bohumil Kartous – Conspiracies in the Czech online space
  • Hana Kalivodová – Existential risks and the future of humanity
  • Ráďa Kellnerová – Multi-purpose ultimate apocalypse today or Dinosaurs out!
  • František Kotleta – Spád and Underground, cult icons of the post-aposcene
  • Duša Majer – Asteroid on the horizon / Averting a collision with the planet
  • Harry Morgan – Medical care after the crash
  • Maxmilián Pavlas – Stalking in Chernobyl
  • Martin Ziegler, Karel Kolmann – Rogue-like game Netspectre: a cyberhacking experience


  • Dominik Turek – Manufacture of wooden and bone jewelry
  • Charlien  – Collective cyber art
  • Electric unicycles – monobics driving workshop
  • Johnny En – Storybuilding
  • Kataka – Cyberjoga
  • Nightmare Show – Throwing knives (and other objects)
  • Ohmnia Tattoo / Richard Sedláček – Tattoo Workshops
  • Robert Washka – Quick self-defense course (hands, knives, alternative fighting)
  • TanakhT – How to make the best Cosplay costumes

Story games

  • Single player detective story for everyone (start in SDMC)
  • Special missions for proven runners
  • Clan´s economy game, battles for techs
  • Political battle for seats on the Cybertown executive council
  • Black market – intrigue and big revelations?


  • Rotorama – drone demonstrations. Pocket ones and also killer racing ones. Exhibit acrobatics, pilot’s view, simulator and the opportunity to try it for yourself or check out the Base from a bird’s eye view.
  • Gamehall – several developers (Tedi Games, PW, Tomi) have equipped this place with gaming machines and consoles. Classic retro, VR, DoomTerminals. Once you walk in, you won’t want to leave!
  • Electric unicycles – monobike riding workshop
  • Shooting range – plastic guns, cartridge guns and laser guns – it’s all up for grabs.
  • LaserGame – measure your strength with your buddies in a competition where no blood is spiled! The arena is built on the Autodrome and available after dark.
  • Robot fights – even a robot without a chainsaw can give his opponents a good beating. Try to fight with remote-controlled bastards!
  • RC speedrace – race RC models at speed. Can you turn it around 180 without cutting it out?
  • Space alert escape game
  • … and of course everything the Clans have prepared for you.


  • Anna Hyena
  • Art of Saint Franiel
  • Ema Auri Harmanová
  • Ivette Navrátilová
  • Jiný příběh
  • Oskoreia from the Myths
  • Rafi Rafkette Art
  • Štěpánka Jislová Art
  • Viktor Frič aka Igor 7.3
  • Yeronym Art and Illustration


  • Auxilia Morte – Ping pong, games, trampoline
  • Black Roses – Speeddating
  • Casino – Casino games
  • Dead dogs – Cyber Afterparty
  • Kovošrot – Consignment Sale
  • Krutej Sever – Semi-synthetic Elixir Sale
  • Kulturní fronta – Chill zone
  • KURU – Bicycle rental
  • Mrchožrouti – Water Tasting
  • Proroci minulosti – Wheel of Fortune
  • REZ – Mats and arcades
  • SilverPaw – Board Games
  • STALKERS – Slav chill
  • Světlonoši – Laser climbing frame
  • Tedies – VR Games
  • Vaul Tec – Cantina, side-quest games
  • Vlkošedé bestie – Gaslands (tabletop demolition derby)
  • Wasteland Volves – postapo table football, chill zone
  • Zone Rats – with their stand


  • Charlien Art
  • Copakokyevanii
  • Driftwares
  • Gehitasshop
  • Improve Zone Tattoo
  • Jiný příběh
  • Kovošrot
  • Mimo Space
  • Obchůdek 36
  • Plantaxie
  • Rainyfairy Art
  • Rez
  • Saracenova veteš
  • Scutica
  • Smither Black Wolf & Oskeria
  • Smoking Corner Corp. Inc
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