Practical information


The Cybertown festival takes place inside the area of Bratronice Missile Base. A place with an indescribable genius loci which is as peculiar as the events that take place there. The RZB association is currently operating in the base area.

The festival is in the spirit of a post-apo, but… There is marked drinking and non-drinking water and mobile toilets around the area. The showers are run by volunteers and are not guaranteed by the organizers. There is electricity at the area, however, it is forbidden to plug in more powerful devices (cookers, kettles, grills).

There will be an opportunity to have your mobile phone recharged at the Infostanek for a small fee. The capacity will be limited, and the organizers are not responsible for the phone, so it is recommended to have a charged power bank.


Parking is available in front of the area, however, please note that parking capacity is limited. We recommend taking a passenger and fill your car, you can use the Carsharing Facebook event for instance. This will save you gas and the organizers the trouble. There will be a designated parking service operating on site, please respect their instructions and do not park outside the designated areas. No civilian cars of any kind are allowed inside area, except for marked service vehicles (supplies, medical).


It will be possible to pitch a tent in a designated area. You can find out which it is from the area plan or ask at the Infostanek. For the smooth running of the festival and for safety reasons, it is forbidden to pitch your tent outside the marked areas or around parked cars. We do not want meat blob in sleeping bag at Cybertown.

The festival is held at the site where you can find the various Clans encampments of the members of the association. It is prohibited to enter, sleep in, or otherwise use other Clan’s encampments without prior arrangements with Clan’s members. Please treat the encampments as private property and do not invite yourself to tour around; many Clans will invite you in as part of the Clan Program anyway.


Food and drink will be provided throughout the festival. You can look forward to a wide variety of small and large dishes. You will not be hungry, even if you do not consider yourself a carnivore. For example, the following places will take care of your satisfied bellies:

  • Broken place – three locations will offer food for the whole festival (burgers, salad bar, tasty ready-to-eat meals throughout the day and pancakes with the famous chutney)
  • Road Killers – fried madness
  • Pokrmelec – vegan burgers
  • Vegetarian bistro on Plácek

And of course, you won’t die of thirst! Adequate fluid intake will be taken care by:

  • Three festival bars (beer, limo, selection of quality whiskeys and rums, classic mixed drinks)
  • ALE bar with beer specials – craft beers from Zichovec
  • Broken place tearoom!
  • Drinking water will be available around area in 3 cisterns in stainless steel troughs.

There is no prohibition to consume your own supplies during the festival, but for not only hygiene reasons we would be happy if you take advantage of our on-site offer.


You can pay only with a pre-charged chip wristband. You can charge your chip wristband exchange for cash money directly at the Infostanek at any time during the festival. Here they can also tell you the balance. Credit cards cannot be used inside the area, so make sure you have enough supply of cash.

During the festival you can also get Cybertown credits. These cannot be confused with any other currency. Find out how to use them and what to buy with them in the Game section.


Cybertown is a costume event, and most participants will be walking around the area in costume. Although we will not throw anyone off the area for not to have costume, we strongly recommend to get one. Costumes are an important part of the overall atmosphere of the festival, and a t-shirt and jeans just do not fit into the dynamics of a post-apo-cyber town. Rather than elaborate and expensive costumes, we want to see ideas and creativity!


In addition to the organizers, a team of firefighters, road patrol, paramedics and PsyCare will be inside the area to ensure everyone’s well-being.

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