I am not a member of association, and I do not have clan; can I still attend the event?

  • Yes, the event is open to all post-apo or cyberpunk fans. You must present a valid ticket at the gate. Before arriving, we recommend reading the Event Rules and reviewing our website to give each visitor an idea of what to expect. After all, we are in a post-apocalyptic world …

We are a clan, but we have never been to the Bratronice Missile Base, how can we register?

  • Great! You can register as a clan at kmeny@cybertown.cz. Please note that it is forbidden to enter or stay overnight in encampments of tribes already established on the grounds without prior agreement.

Do I have to wear a costume to the event?

  • Yes. Besides being a visual bomb, the themed outfit adds greatly to the overall atmosphere of the event. If you are not sure how to make costume, we recommend following our Facebook page, where we regularly post inspirational posts as well as tutorials on how to make design pieces. You can find a few pieces that look “costume-isch” in the attic or the thrift store, and you will feel better in them than in a t-shirt and jeans. After all, even stylish civilian cyberlook clothes can look like a costume. Mainly – there is no such thing as a “proper” costume, it is the idea that counts.

Can I drive my caravan into the area?

  • For logistical and security reasons, caravans are not allowed inside the area. Please note that parking around the site is limited and we are unable to provide parking for the caravan.

I would like to volunteer, what can I do for it?

  • If you would like to volunteer during the festival, please email us with your time availability and the area where you would like to help at dobrovolnik@cybertown.cz. We also regularly post information on our Facebook page about festival jobs and other opportunities to get actively involved.

I am building a post-apo car in my garage, can I take it with me?

  • Post-apo and themed rides are welcome at Cybertown! You must register them through this form. Otherwise, sorry, your ride will have to watch the festival from behind the gate.

I bought a ticket, but I cannot go. What should I do?

  • As the ticket is tied to a specific person, it cannot be just resold. If you bought a ticket and cannot go, use the “Ticket Overwrite”. This can only be done via email registrace@cybertown.cz. We recommend doing so in advance, unfortunately we will not be able to deal with this on site.

I only want to go for one day, how can I buy a day ticket?

  • You cannot 😊. The festival is a community event with no sponsors, and we believe the price is affordable for all. You can only buy a ticket for the whole festival; how much time visitors spend there is up to them.

Can children or pets attend the event?

  • For safety reasons, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to attend the event. Due to the nature of the event, please leave your dog or any other pets at home.

Are guns or replica/cosplay guns allowed at the event?

  • If you want to bring a replica weapon to the event, please read the rules about where you can and cannot take it and how to use it. Real weapons do not belong to the festival, as well as, for example, fireworks, incendiary objects and cannons.

Can I take photos or video at the event?

  • There will be accredited and designated photographers at the event. Unless you have arranged such attendance in advance, it is forbidden to make audiovisual recordings for commercial purposes. Taking photos or filming for personal use and sharing them is of course allowed, ideally with #cybertowncz22 <3. We will make available the galleries after the festival so you can enjoy it.

Where can I buy merch?

  • Merch will be available at the Infostanek during the festival. These are great design limited edition items that you cannot buy anywhere else!

I have health restrictions; can I still make it to the festival?

  • It depends on what the health restriction is. The area is rugged, without paved surfaces, but with many attractions, scenery and buildings and is not suitable for people with reduced mobility and orientation. If you would still like to come, be sure to email us in advance.
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